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Importance of Sustainable Talent Management in an Organization (Coursework Sample)


the term paper is about talent management and its importance in the business organization. it highlights some of the methods of talent identification and appraisals in the business


Talent Management
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Evaluate The Effectiveness Of The Strategic Leaders' Roles In Forming A Performance Management Strategy At Southern Company.
A strategic leader is supposed to have a good vision for the proper performance of his team. Employees achieve these traits achieved through educating the team on what the company what from them. The Southern Company leaders must influence their subordinates to perform well between and beyond the company's expectations. Southern Company is one of the leading producers of electricity in the U.S. for the past six years in a row, needs leaders with a clear vision to direct the company vision well and put it in a position they believed to belong to the competitive market (Mubarak & Yusoff, 2019). Leaders with a good idea can quickly help the company identify training gaps, talent management, and talent acquisition. After identifying training gaps among the employees, leaders at Southern Company will always support the company reshape the employees as per the current needs, which helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the company output (Goleman, 2017).
Develop five-point criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of talent management strategy and how data is collected.
The first criterion comprises stating and defining the company goals using their strategic leaders in charge of the human resource at Southern Company. This criterion can help these leaders assess the employees' needs by evaluating the quality of services. Leaders must incorporate the company goals to that of the employees to avoid mismatches in service delivery, and if they cannot integrate into the company goals, the human resource in charge can advise the top management accordingly on whether to consider laying off some workers (Hocking, 2019)
Furthermore, company objectives must be aligned with their employees as a proper technique to manage talent at the Southern Company effectively. The role of the employees is to do the work expected of them by the company leaders to achieve the set targets for them. The southern company can even surpass their revenue targets beyond the annual 19 billion dollars they make if they have a hardworking and committed staff to help them remain competitive in the electricity market (Goleman, 2017). employee performance is a practical criterion in measuring employee talent management; it is done by evaluating and assessing

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