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THEORIES OF MOTIVATION. Motivational Theories. Management Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task was a case study of a company that was being managed well by a family. But the introduction of the use of robots and computer systems, made employees demotivated. Even though they were receiving competitive salaries and bonuses.
This paper finds out the reasons for employees' demotivation and how best to motivate them.


Theories of Motivation
Theories of Motivation
Employee motivation is among the critical aspects of the workplace courtesy of its contribution to the performance of various departments and the progress of the company. At the workplace, it is the motivation of the employees that are responsible for converting intentions into actions. As such, it acts as a driving force that aids in the maintenance of a performance that is goal-directed to help in the cultivation of a happy working environment. Therefore, in the contemporary world full of business dynamics and ever-emerging trends, companies have always been on the verge of organizing regular motivational seminars and hiring outside firms to instill motivation its employees.
Summary of the Problems
The company has been running well for the past twenty years under the management of the family. A few changes have been witnessed in technology where the company has incorporated the use of robots and computer systems in the manufacturing process. It has also been cited that the company offers competitive salaries among other benefits to its employers making it hard for them to shift to other companies in search of higher salaries. However, the employees seem to be demotivated in recent times. Some of the possible factors that might be contributing to the less motivation might be poor leadership experienced. The chief executive officers of the company were the husband and the wife who might not have had any managerial skills to monitor, control, and make the finest decisions to drive the company to greater heights. Since there were no other supporting managers, it might have been difficult to reach the employee's needs.

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