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Basics of Decision Making Coursework Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


THE TASK WAS TO WRITE ABOUT THE Basics of Decision Making


Basics of Decision Making
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Basics of Decision Making
Decision making is the process choosing the appropriate technique that would lead to a viable solution for a given case (Redmond, 2015). It majorly involves the collection of information and determination of possible resolutions. Decision making has become part of our daily life as it enables us to make more conscious and reflective decisions (Del Missier et. al, 2011). There are different encounters that human beings face in their everyday life. These diverse experiences and situations within their environment influence their behaviors that most of the time entails making a decision from the available recourses. However, people respond differently to these circumstances they encounter, with some making better decisions than others. Better decision-making ability varies from one individual to another and is influenced by three basic factors namely inhibitors, high principles and inciters (Cole & Hollier, 2007).
According to Clemen (2001), the decision-making process is always comprehended by some individuals to be anticipated in the scientific contemplation. This is impossible since nobody can completely learn about human behaviour while the scientific enactment is only comprehended by few intellectuals in their area of specializations within our community. Among the three basic and the common factors of decision making, principles are the only factor falling under affirmative viewpoint in regard to the decision-making process; while the other two basics of decision-making factors are negatively influencing decision-making processes (Palmini and Haase, 2007).
Lack of self-control by some individuals has really led them in making unnecessary decisions that negatively affect the way they conduct themselves. However, through self-control and simulation practices, individuals are able to reduce and control negative decision that does add no value to their lives (Cole & Hollier, 2007). Additionally, they become capable of doing this through learning on how to deal with their challenges through analytical listening and active participation when with others (Clemen, 2001). As a result, it enables them to have enough moment of studying the current situation and doing an appropriate interpretation of the circumstances. Redmond (2015) argued that this enables them to drift away from making common mistakes that would otherwise lead to wrong decisions. Upon doing this, it leads to settling problematic situations that would otherwise cause harm when incited within the humane case (Clemen, 2001).
Regardless of the essence of the prevailing circumstance, decision making plays a significant role in attaining the best resolution that would certainly lead to positive thinking hence welcoming peace and harmony (Del Missier et. al, 2011). Consequently, decision making provides the best alternative resolution that can be applied to the future problems. Additionally, it is significant for individuals to be prepared at all times to enable easy transfer of information thereby obtaining viable decision amid proposed resolution during conceptualization process. A good decision makes should have the ability to handle imminent challenges as an opportunity (Palmini and Haase, 2007).
According to Palmini and Haase (2007), decision-makers should be able to dispense information and analyze the major cause of the problem which will further lead to the application of better solutions. Determination of the real challenge causing predicament is a significant process that should be carried out to ensure viable decision are made. Throughout problem examination, is it essential, to repeat the same procedure involving the questions of whom, how, why, when, what the problem occurs (Del Missier et. al, 2011). Additionally, it always advisable to consult the third party and untroubled individual of the same group. This will enable the decision maker to come up with the best approach to handling the challenge hence coming up with a viable lasting solution. Most importantly, it is proficient to be a good thinker as this, therefore, leads to constructive decisions (Cole & Hollier, 2007).
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