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The Most Effective And Reasonable Solutions Against Opiate Addiction (Coursework Sample)


The task was tackling a coursework assignment on opiate addiction.
This sample has briefly handled the entire issues concerning opiate addiction in addition to how the condition should be controlled.

Opiate addiction Name Institutional affiliation The addiction of both prescribed and illegal opioids has become a public health crisis ( Chu et al., 2009). In the US, approximately 22.6 million people above 12 years of age have been reported to be uses of the illegal drug. The addiction to opioids is an intricate syndrome encompassing tolerance, drug-seeking, and withdrawal avoidance mannerism (Koobi & Michel, 1997). This large number of addiction cases has therefore made the incidence of the addiction of opioids has led to the declaration of the addiction as an epidemic in the public health. This has, therefore, necessitated the need for coming with practical and reasonable solutions to the problem that is facing the public. Effective and reasonable solutions To begin with, opioid addiction needs to be treated as a disease rather than a crime. Currently, available statistics indicate inadequacy in incarceration as a method of addressing drug abuse as well as addiction (Chandler, Fletcher, & Volkow, 2009). An appraisal of recidivism in 15 states disclosed that addicts who were incarcerated for testing positive in a drug test often relapse post-incarceration as the outside environment lacks strict supervision as is the case in the jails and prison as the environment in these setting is highly controlled. At the same time, the abstinence is coerced. This approach by the criminal justice has failed terribly as it lacks permanence. It is therefore prudent to shift the approach from a crime perspective to a medical approach. First, the addiction of opiates itself is not a crime; however, the behavioral outcomes of the use of the drugs can be considered criminals, from this perspective, it will be easier to b...
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