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Coursework: Buddhism Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


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Coursework: Buddhism
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Transformation of Suffering and Confusion into Wisdom
In Vajrayana Buddhism, the purpose of suffering is not just to dissolve it into peace, but to visualize wisdom in the experience (Ma, 2018). In my opinion, we as humans we deal with the suffering superficial (wanting to resolve it). Still, the whole sense of suffering and confusion is exploring its basis and acquire knowledge about it. Humans are only aware of suffering when they experience factors related to suffering such as hunger, cold or illness.
According to Ma (2018) the most important aspect of suffering is to pinpoint what has caused the confusion or the suffering which entails gaining subtle and obvious information (pain or difficulty in the instant) about the state. The subtle information is hard to recognize since it’s initiated with happiness that transit into suffering (O'Connor, 2015). The teaching emphasizes that it's ignorant to assume rich or healthy people are happy because the subject is to change. I think it's possible to achieve wisdom from suffering and confusion experience because it's practical to recognize the nature of the suffering, precisely acquire all information about. We can avoid it.

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