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Mosaic Covenant Religion & Theology Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


Writing about mosaic covenant


Course Work: Religion
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1.The Mosaic covenant was a covenant made between the Israelites in Mount Sinai and God according to the book of Exodus 19-24. The mosaic covenant may be sometimes referred to as the Sinai covenant but commonly just as the Mosaic covenant. This was because Moses was the leader at that time. During the time of the covenant, the agreement set was that the people follow His law and the people agreed to it.
The covenant was blood bound as the one between Abraham and God and was set to differentiate between Israel and other nations as Israel was God’s chosen nation. The covenant was significant as it symbolized God’s history of redemption and the nation of Israel through his sovereign rule that was through his word and His son, Jesus Christ (Duvall, 2012).
2. The cycle of sin, judgement and deliverance is clearly stated in the book of judges. Most Christians tend to stray away from God’s word once in a while but thanks to God’s forgiving nature, we are able to redeem ourselves. In my personal view, the cycle is quite repetitive in our lives. People sin, then get judged for it by society or even by oneself and seek redemption by going back to praying and asking for forgiveness from God.

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