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Counterculture Within the Vietnam War and Their Effects on the Modern Culture of the US (Coursework Sample)


The paper discusses counterculture, or values and beliefs that differed from the mainstream society during the vietnam war and their effects on the modern culture in the United STATES.


Counter Culture within the Vietnam War
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Counter Culture within the Vietnam War
Part 1
During the Vietnam War, the lifestyles and values of the youth were diametrically different from those of established and common cultures. When the first batch off American soldiers landed in Vietnam in 1965, thousands of Americans gathered in different states to protest the war they believed did not benefit the country in any ways (Slonecker, 2017). The beat generation was however the genesis of the hippies generation since they had began introducing unpopular culture between the early 1950s and the late 1950s. Americans believed the conflict in south East Asia was only a bloodshed rally due to the rising number of American soldiers who lost their lives in the first few months of the war. The hippie counterculture started in the 1960s as more college students and young Americans began joining the protests and doing things that were regarded uncommon by the established culture in the late 1960s (Slonecker, 2017). As the Vietnam escalation reached its peak, hundreds of thousands of young Americans had joined the counterculture in different ways, including rejecting the mainstream media’s manipulation of the Vietnam War, psychedelic drug abuse, love for rock music and bands and living eco-conscious lifestyles. Although the hippie counterculture began subsiding towards the end of the Vietnam War, its effects can still be felt in the modern United States since different aspects of modern culture were borrowed from the counter culture during the Vietnam War.
Part 2
The doors band was one of the most 

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