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Illegal Drug Trade and Networks: Countering Transnational Threats to the U.S. (Coursework Sample)


This task-based exercise will demonstrate your ability to synthesize discipline specific material. You will be producing a 12-15 page report for Congress similar to the one located in your week 1 lesson folder. However, you will focus on a particular transnational crime. Just as in the model report, you should begin with a summary or ‘bottom line up front. Please study the table of contents carefully because you will be following the same structure. You may decide not to include all of the same elements, but you should have majority of them


CRS Report for Congress
Illegal Drug Trade and Networks: Countering Transnational Threats to the U.S.
Date: XXX
Name: XXX
Subject: XXX
Illegal Drug Trade and Networks: Countering Transnational Threats to the U.S.
The advent of technology in the contemporary era brought forth a much-sophisticated network that enabled transnational crime to thrive and flourish. It made way to a faster, more sophisticated, and more intricate way of criminality – being able to establish various networks. With this in mind, an old thriving mode of criminality became much potent with the advancement of technology in communication and transport – the illegal drug trade. Through new technologies, new networks that are more sophisticated and intricate were created.
Posing a multi-dimensional challenge that threatens the United States and its peoples, this report would present the concerns that the illegal drug trade and its networks possess. This report establishes the actions posted by the government in combatting this evident threat that is lurking in the United States and its borders. In combatting this problem, various policies were conceptualized for the domestic and international scope. The approach on it domestically continues to develop by recognizing the strength of policies under the rehabilitative frame. Internationally, the critique that is posted in relation to international relations and foreign policies is mediated through a network of policies that balances out the need for suppressing criminality, and at the same time, respecting one’s sovereignty.

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