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The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Enhancing Socioeconomic Development in the U.S. (Coursework Sample)


The paper required evaluation of how public-private partnership can enhance socioeconomic development


Topic: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Enhancing Socioeconomic Development in the U.S.
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According to Greve and Hodge (2013), different sources of financing are being attracted by the governments to help in financing infrastructure projects, which were previously financed wholly by the government using tax revenues collected or quasi-government entities in either public or municipal bond markets. One of the modern methods of financing is Public-Private Partnerships. Public-private partnership refers to a situation where the government agrees with the members of the public to provide capital for the development of infrastructure projects for social-economic development. The beneficiaries of the project may bear fully or partially the cost of the project, and the government provides the remaining portion. 

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