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My Comment on Recent Article: Family with an Absent Father (Coursework Sample)


the task was abut my COMMENTS on a family with an absent father. The sample is a discussion of absents fathers from a biblical point of view

SUBMITTED TO (professors name)
Theology assignments.
Assignment 1: my comment on any recent article with respect to absent father. 
There is an increasing number of children who go to sleep daily in their homes in which their fathers don’t live. This has similar implications as those children living with fathers who are absent spiritually and emotionally from their lives. On an online article about impacts of absent fathers on their children’s’ lives, a comparison was made between two families. A family of three kids with a present father and another family of three kids with an absent father. It was evident from the article that the children from the family with an absent father suffered from a range of ills like poverty, drugs and alcohol abuse and poor school performance. Their counterparts with the family with a present father were healthy and had good performance in general. However, this doesn’t imply that all children from families with absent fathers are poor performers and those from families with present fathers are good performers. The level involvement matters a lot. In Christianity, the foundation of the family is the Lord, the creator who made the human race in a special way where the core is the family.
When God created Adam, he talks about man and woman as a single creation entity, even before he created Eve. It is very clear that the divine plan of God was to have man and woman who make up a family created together. The core of the human race is the family comprising of father, mother, and children. It was in God’s divine plan, to create Adam in his image ( Gen 1:26) “so God created man in His image; in the image of God He created him; man and woman He created them.” God is responsible and omnipresent, as a family, the man is the head, Gods image, and representation, man’s presence is, therefore, crucial in the lives of his children. In the above example of the family with an absent father, the children did miss out the fatherly care since there were under their mother's care alone; this is not the will of God. God is a God of completeness; He is therefore pleased when the family is whole.[Achanja, Peter Okumu. Healthy Christian Family. [Place of publication not identified]: Lap Lambert Academic Publ, 2012.]
Dynamics within a nuclear family can be in four patterns: absence of emotional enmeshment, marital conflicts, pathological child and pathological spouse. A family has several development phases. The first phase is a union between a man and a woman “therefore; a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Gen 2:24). The second phase entails getting children and taking care of them. The ambiguity of interaction...
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