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The Consequences of Obedience and Disobedience Presented in the Book 'Haggai' (Coursework Sample)


To describe the main theme in the book of haggai the time the book was composed the targeted audience andoutline of the book.
a one page paper in chicago style.
i followed the order requirements... the book of haggai encouraged the israelites to finish building god' s temple.the book was composed in 520bc. the furst oracle targeted zerubbabel and joshua. the second targeted the remnant people while the third targeted the priests. the fourth oracle targeted zerubbabel.


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Haggai’s message came at a time when the Judeans were highly vulnerable. Upon return from exile, the remnant of Judah did not portray obedience toward God. God, through prophet Haggai, confronted the priests concerning the ceremonial uncleanness of Judeans as they exhibited disobedience of God’s law. God implored the people of Judah to consider their priorities. 

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