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Leadership Case Study Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)




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Leadership Case Study
1 What accounts for Andy’s success in the restaurant business?
Andy’s success in the restaurant business comes from his skills and leadership style. as According to Dunaetz (N.p) success in Andy’s business comes from incorporating competencies and leadership skills. As depicted in the case study, Andy values his consumers, workers, and respects his heritage. Andy’s leadership skills have also enabled him to employ passionate and highly experienced managers in the restaurant industry. Andy sues a hybrid of transformational and democratic leadership (Lyon N.p). The success can be attributed to his reliance on his managers and understanding his consumer base.
2  From a skills perspective, how would you describe the three managers, Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick? What does each of them need to do to improve his or her skills?
Andy’s managers are highly skilled in their roles and complement each other’s shortcomings. However, they could each improve their skills. For instance, Kelly needs to improve her people skills because she has difficulty interacting with waiters and sales personnel. Kelly can take a course that will help her learn how to manage relationships with others. Danielle, who has abysmal accounting skills, should not be tasked with numbers but tasked with hospitality. Taking a simple class will also help Danielle. On the other hand, Patrick should work on communication skills that will enable him to relate to consumers (Lawson et al. 5).

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