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OBSERVATION REPORT (Coursework Sample)


The task was about writing An observation on a teacher, Mr.Smith during a class lesson. The sample entails all the observations which are reported in essay form. the observations focus mostly on the positive and a little bit of negative side of Mr.Smith during teaching. According to report, mr. Smith found it so hard to get the students understand what he was teaching them since most students were playful and had little attention to the teacher.


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As an academic coach with the duty entitled to me of carrying out observations, I joined Mr. Smith during his teaching session being that he is a new teacher teaches for the first time at our middle school science the unit on weather. The room was properly arranged, students sat in an organized manner leaving spaces in between the desks for easy movement of the teacher, Mr. Smith, the new teacher. Teacher’s desk was positioned in front of the classroom to enable students interact with the teacher during the teaching session.
The session started by Mr. Smith asking students to settle down and be ready for the lesson, and for students to focus on the today’s learning, he asked students to open up their books and write the topic “weather”. Mr. Smith introduced the topic of the day, Mr. Smith further elaborated to students that whatever things they will discuss throughout the unit is entailed in the word search he had given unto the students.
Mr. Smith accompanied his teaching session with some print information sources such as posters that he posted on the wall in front of the classroom, word search papers that he gave to students for references and check for vocabularies the he will be using in his teaching. On the white, Mr. Smith wrote some texts that he students to read and write in their books.
During the onset of the season, Mr. Smith gave 20 minutes of silence for students to go through the word search and complete the word search. At the time of silence, one student, Tom came across a new vocabulary in the word search and asked Mr. Smith to explain the meaning of the new vocabulary. Mr. Smith a dedicated teacher whose aim is to see students retain these new vocabularies, he asked the students to put down their pens and pay attention and get meaning for students to progress and familiarize themselves with new words during the lesson.
The teaching session was so interactive for both students and Mr. Smith, after Tom asked a question, the teacher asked students to give ideas on how they understand the term, a few students who were asked the question had no idea on the meaning of the word which was asked by their fellow student, Tom. When Mr. Smith asked about the effects of weather on the Northern lines, one of the students came up with an answer which Mr. Smith did not understand how it affects the Northern lines, he did not immediately dismissed and trashed the student’s response instead he gave a student chance to further explain her point. Students wrote down notes on the topic ‘weather’ as Mr. Smith dictates. Some two students who sited at middle of classroom started telling stories to one another, these two students talked about going to the beach during the ongoing teaching session.
I observed a number of activities that were done by students during the lesson. When Mr. Smith was dictating notes, a good number of students were doing unique things. Some students were drawing in their books in contrary to what they were required to do, some students were not in the same pace with the teacher as the teacher dictates – they slug behind on realizing that they are not on the pace with the teacher, they do not ask the teacher to pardon the sentences instead they keep on cancelling what they have written and they untidy their books.
Students did the same thing during the completion of word search given by the teacher even though, some students filled it in different ways, the work was identical. Towards almost the end of the session, the teacher asked students to write down the questions he wrote on the white board. To conclude the lesson the students were able to answer the questions with the aid of the teacher, this enable them to understand the topic better.
According to Teaching and International Survey (TALIS), teaching is a multifaceted profession. Teachers interact and work with their colleagues, some are formal that arises from job requirements in some systems while other can be informal and voluntarily base on the situations and difficulties they undergo and they feel like addressing them. Teachers work with their colleagues for the purpose of instructions and collaborate with their colleagues frequently.

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