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The Paper Describe Natural Ways To Cure Disease (Enzema) (Coursework Sample)


The Paper Describe Natural Ways To Cure Disease (Enzema)


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Natural Ways to Treat Eczema
More than thirty million Americans are living Eczema skin inflammation. Young population under ten years suffer more from this condition compared to adults. Suffering from Eczema caused inflammation is clear indicator that one is having complication internally and a proper method of approach is necessary to curb such misfortunes. The usual act of treating eczema by use of suppressive like hydrocortisone is not the best according to holistic thinking by an expertise physician (Jones and Shann, 2017). Application of suppressive treatment only prolong the symptoms without much cure for the pathogens causing disorder. Suppressive drugs have also been reported to contain a lot of steroids which have a potential of burning the skin if regularly applied especially to infants.
The first step in the treatment of any disorder is to have a clear understanding of its causes. Over a long time, studies have proved that the primary cause of eczema is food allergens with the most culprit foods including eggs, peanuts, cow's milk, tomatoes and gluten among others. It is surprising to note also that antibiotics and heavy metals that are common ingredients is making vaccination is listed as a significant cause. There are many ways to treat eczema disorder, but natural methods have been proven to be very useful and without any side effects.
Natural remedies to this disorder require proper monitored steps to realize hundred percent effectiveness in the treatment. The first step in natural remedies against the sickness is to take health and nutritious diet consistently. Proper diet is always crucial when it comes to the wellbeing of the body. Taking proper diet followed by elimination of food products that can cause eczema is very useful in helping our bodies to remain healthy. Processed food like meat, dairy products, and alcohol are not recommended at all if one is interested in natural cures against eczema. Although adoption of organic products like cooking oil might be expensive for the pocket it mak

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