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Project Management Structures and the Causes of Project Failure Per Garth G.F. Ward (Coursework Sample)


Answering questions on project management

This Homework Assignment is based on Parts 1 through 3 of the course textbook, Effective Project Management, by Garth G.F. Ward.
In the response to each question, cite from which page, subpart, and article of the textbook you derived the answer.


Explain the difference between routines, runners, repeaters, strangers, and aliens. Provide several examples of projects you have worked on/managed that have fallen into these categories and why you believe the specific project falls in that specific category.
* Routines are common and developed tasks in a function that reduce difficulties to an organization’s methods of working. Examples; Data entry, data processing – these are small activities that make work easier in an organization.
* Runners are small projects that can be developed without too much specialized management. Examples; making service calls – these calls don’t require too much focused management.
* Repeaters are larger projects that the organization performs regularly and have a higher risk of failure. Example; Following up with an unhappy client- making follow ups is a necessary and everyday job and its occurrence can be anytime.

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