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Research And Decribe Ethics Between Doctors And Patients (Editing Sample)


the task was to edit the paper that was already written by a client. The sample is about ethics between doctors/nurses and patients. it focusses on codes and ethics that enhances doctor-patient or nurse-patient relationships.


Ethics Case Study
Student’s name:
University affiliation:
Jaehyun Park. 1/14/2017
Class meeting time: Tuesday: 12-2:30 pm
Ethics Case Study
Health professionals, as well as other business personnel, encounter ethical dilemmas that require appropriate approach and decision making. Ethical situations vary from one individual to the other. Additionally, the dilemmas range from simple situations to complex situations involving matters relating to values and principles (Laura et al., 2005). Thus, ethics highlights issues concerning the values that a profession should uphold to maintain credibility with their work. Ethics case 4 involves physical therapist who is on the verge of establishing a personal relationship with a client.
Individual, organization and societal realms play a key role in enhancing decision-making relating to ethical issues. Individual realm concentrates on the well-being of the patient. It is concerned with rights, behaviors, and correlations of specified people. In most cases, it deals with simple issues. Organization realm focuses on the good of the entire institution. It supports achievement of institutional goals. Societal realm deals with the common good. It deals with complex issues. In this case study, it is evident that the three realms are applicable and interact with each other.
In this criterion, the individual is expected to analyze what is expected to resolve the ethical crisis. In other words, it is what the ethical situation requires one to do. In most cases, an individual weighs thought and decisions in consideration of moral sensitivity (ethical situation), moral judgment (right or wrong), moral motivation (values) and moral courage (intended decision or action).
In the current case study, the therapist is aware of the organizational and professional ethics that advise against crossing the professional and personal borderline during the patient-therapist relationship. Although a therapist is required to offer services with compassion, he or she is expected to maintain professionalism and integrity in the course of interactions with the patient or client. However, he is under "ethical temptation" in which he is required to choose something that is right. Therefore, the therapist should make a decision on the basis of moral judgment. The physician should do the right thing, which is avoiding an intimate relationship with ...
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