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Preventing Falls in Long Term Care Facilities (Editing Sample)


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Assignment Topic: Prevent Falls in LTC Final Template
Subject: Nursing
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Attached is the draft template you did before, it needs to be edited a bit to make it a final template. I also need a PICOT question for the first question. That's the most important part for this paper. Thanks.


PICOT Question on Preventing Falls in Long Term Care Facilities
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Falls are among the leading causes of injury-related morbidity and mortality among geriatrics. In 2019, up to 35.6% of older adults in nursing homes reported falls with 40.7% of the cases requiring treatments. 80% of the cases led to restrictions in activity for short and long-term basis. Further, the mortality rate for fall-related cases among older adults is rising. This creates a large morbidity burden with a need for interventions to not only reduce the number of falls, but also reduce the severity of injuries caused when such events occur.
Generally, modifiable risk factors such as gait 

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