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Artist Statement (Essay Sample)


you will craft a text that serves as an artist statement for your practice as you currently perceive it. Please limit your statement to half of a single page of typed text, single-spaced, Arial font, pt. 11, with 1.25” margins. It can be shorter, but no longer than this format. All parts of the text must be appropriated from other sources, using at least five separate authors’ work (though you may use as many as you’d like). These texts may be composed from art writing, theory, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts, song lyrics, television or film dialogue, other text-based artworks, marketing campaigns, cookbooks, and any other source that proves generative for finding articulate language with which to align your work. Look not only at content but also form in selecting your sources. You needn’t identify which text is drawn from which source within the body of your artist statement, but please produce an accompanying bibliography that cites your sources.


Artist Statement
Student’s Name
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Artist Statement
As an artist, I strive to create paintings that subvert expectancies and demanding situations set up norms. My practice is rooted in the notion that artwork must now not mirror society, however as an alternative, it must actively critique and rework it. Through my artwork, I goal to convey cognizance to troubles that might be frequently left out, marginalized, or silenced by using mainstream society. I want to create artwork that sparks conversations and inspires trade, whether it is miles addressing social inequality, political unrest, or environmental destruction. Art has the strength to challenge the popularity quo and encourage visitors to question their ideals and assumptions. By pushing limitations and breaking conventions, I wish to inspire others to use their creativity to make an effective effect on the world. My goal as an artist is not simply to create visually lovely portions but to use my artwork as a vehicle for social trade.
Drawing suggestions from resources, my work incorporates elements of overall performance, installation, and multimedia. I make use of quiet materials and strategies to explore concepts of identification, strength, and social hierarchies. My art is not best about making a declaration but also about developing a talk with my audience. I 

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