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Causes of Movement of Images (Essay Sample)


Assignment 2: What Makes Images Move?

Referring solely to your flipbook or phenakistoscope, explain how the experience of motion is generated. What makes the image(s) move? Account for all of the component parts of the apparatus. Consider the materials and processes that are involved, including your own agency. Be specific and concrete!


Cause of Image Movement
Image is a visual representation of a matter. Images come in different formats, such as GIF as well as JPEG. Images are used to pass information. An illusion is a disconnect between perception and reality. An optical illusion is created by the interaction of color, contrast, shapes, and position of an image is what makes an image(s) move. Stop motion is a very effective tool to show how an image moves. The effect of these illusions is causing strain to the eye. A video is basically a recording of moving visual images made digitally. The retina has receptors; scientists suggest that having high contrasting colors in close proximity or specific patterns makes them appear to flicker, which in turn the brain interprets as a movement.
A flipbook is a collection of pictures about an animation film that are linked together in series such that the impression of motion may be conveyed by swiftly flipping through them. This animation is attributed to Pierre-Hubert around 1860 (Wray Museum Young Historians Flipbooks, n.d.). By showing the images in quick succession, the eyes blend the images together, and the brain perceives it as a movement. This is not as easy as it might seem; this is because

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