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Impacts of Mozart Music on Children’s Intellectual Capacity (Essay Sample)


This task was about the impacts of Mozart's music on children's intellectual capacity. Mozart's music was found to have a profound effect on learners' intellectual capacity by modifying their neurological pathways and creating a calming effect. It created a temporary biological change in learners by altering their spatial abilities. As a result, they better understood their environment and recognized the approaches for maximizing their knowledge acquisition. More importantly, it modifies mood to erode tension in classrooms and allow children to improve their learning capabilities.


Impacts of Mozart Music on Children’s Intellectual Capacity
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Impacts of Mozart Music on Children’s Intellectual Capacity
Various schools include music in curriculum due to its calming effects and ability to reduce stress and soothe classroom transactions to ease academic pressures. Mozart music has particularly gained recognition when teaching children since it improves multiple intelligence, comprising logical-mathematical, spatial, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, and interpersonal intelligence (Waterhouse, 2006). The music achieves this feat by calming the neurological networks and promoting intellectual arousal to increase children’s learning and problem-solving abilities. Overall, it creates a conducive learning environment by eliminating distractors and enhancing concentration to increase learners’ ability to grasp new concepts.
The neurological argument for Mozart music’s contribution to children’s increased intellectual capacity indicates that the neural firing when learning and when listening to the music cohere. Specifically, Jones et al. (2006) argue that the firing patterns during musical cognition and when undertaking spatial-temporal tasks are similar. Consequently, Mozart music allows

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