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Music in Public Spaces (Essay Sample)


The MASTER'S level listening report was about music in the public spaces and required the use of u.s english, double-spacing, and three sources. in an apa format. the essay required choosing a female artist and one of her songs citing reasons for the choice and then discusssing the materials of the song, artist BIBLIOGRAPHY, instruments, and a short conclusion. the cover page and SUBTITLES were written as per the instructions.


Listening Report: Music in Public Spaces
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Listening Report: Music in Public Spaces
Music is an intangible asset with the ability to stimulate various emotions like joy and sadness. Music has the power to help people relax or improve their morale while undertaking a specific activity. It also fosters comfort and inspiration that can give life a new meaning. Songs can be used to mark celebrations and also engineer unity or hatred. For my listening report in Music in Public Spaces, I chose the song "Waka Waka" by Shakira, a renowned pop musician from Columbia. She is considered "the Queen of Latin Music" due to her versatile music that earned her international recognition and awards (Ngaso, n.d). Shakira is a dancer, songwriter, and pop singer born on February 2, 1977, in Barranquilla (Columbia) with a Colombian mother and Lebanese father. This explains why she incorporates Arabic and Latino heritage in her songs (Zacharella, 2021). She is the best-selling Columbian artist with over 70 million songs and is among the most successful female artists.
Some of her best songs include Hips Don't Lie, Wherever, Whenever, and Waka Waka. Shakira's hat is decorated with various international awards, including Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album (2001 and 2018), Humanitarian Award, Best Female Music (2011), and Alma Awards, Favorite Female Artist (2020). She wrote the song, Waka Waka, to celebrate the move by FIFA to choose South Africa as the host of the FIFA 2010 world cup (Aslan, 2018). Waka Waka is a Cameroonian phrase that means, 'do it.' It is my favorite song that I listen to because of its pulsating rhythm that also forms part of my exercise

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