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Filmmakers and Post-Apocalyptic Themes. Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to explore film maker's motivation for using post-apocalyptic themes in their films WHICH THIS SAMPLE ADDRESSES


Filmmakers and Post-Apocalyptic Themes
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Filmmakers and Post-Apocalyptic Themes
In the past few centuries, every era has been marked by a specific art movement or thematic concern. The first two decades of the 21st century have not been an exception with filmmakers and books’ authors increasingly exploiting and post-apocalyptic themes in their works. This sub-genre of science fiction explores potentially existential catastrophe that would mark the end of the world and human civilization. Firstly, the apparent obsession by filmmakers with post-apocalyptic themes is based on the human survival instinct. Secondly, history shows that annihilations are always incomplete and life always seems to have a way of surviving. Lastly, post-apocalyptic themes do not only offer consolation or instill fear; they ring a call for preparation to the question “what if”. In this view, Post-apocalyptic themes meet the human survival appeal based on historical experience and the need to prepare for the worst.

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