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Institutions Helping Celebrities Gain Instant Success as Visual Artists (Essay Sample)


Analyzing and responding to the given situation in view of the concepts and theories involving art production. essay thoroughly answered the following guide questions: "What institutions or systems have helped celebrities gain instant success as visual artists? " and "How does this describe the current state of our country's art industry?".


1. What institutions or systems have helped celebrities gain instant success as visual artists?
Celebrities who have become visual artists can bring attention and insight to the Philippine art community, and it is through them that we can promote awareness and interest in the arts. But of course, without the institutions or systems that assisted these celebrities in achieving instant success as visual artists, their influence would not have been as impactful as we observe today.
One of such systems is the ubiquitous robust social media that can reach thousands, if not millions, in an instant. Celebrities often have a huge following on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter, and they can utilize them to promote their brand as visual artists and present their artwork. This not only gives them the opportunity for patronage and sponsorship from fans and institutions, but it also allows them to build networks that can bring forth global recognition and validation.
Another factor is their exposure to television shows and interviews. Celebrities frequently have access to mainstream media sources, through which they can market their artwork. By publicizing themselves on shows, they can discuss their artistic inspirations, techniques, and creative 

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