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Media Piracy and Illegal Reproduction (Essay Sample)


Despite government measures to eradicate media piracy in a third-world country like ours, some sectors of society rely heavily on piracy or "illegally" reproducing original materials. Thus, this essay is about answering the following questions about piracy and illegal reproduction thoroughly. Questions such as "What forms of piracy can you think of?" and "Why do you think it is rampant despite its "unethical" mode of reproduction?".


Media Piracy
1 What forms of piracy can you think of?
The first form of piracy we can think of is the fashion industry. Many brands have their design unique from others, but at some point, many unauthorized entities can still reproduce or distribute some designs. At some point, many high brands also have a controversial situation where they steal some designs of small businesses from theirs and rebrand and sell it cheaper
than the offering in small businesses. It is unfair to small businesses where their product is higher priced due to hand made and small numbers, while some big companies steal it and offer it in
their mass-manufactured company that sells it cheaper to the customers. It is also challenging to eradicate piracy in a third-world country regarding the fashion industry due to the need for more copyright protections.

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