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Modern Marvels Visual & Performing Arts Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the development of marvel in modern industry


Modern Marvels
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Modern Marvels is an American series that talks about technology and its impact on our modern society. It has covered and talked about many topics such as science technology, electronics, engineering, agriculture among others. What mostly caught my attention was the topic about science and technology bearing in mind the many inventions that we have in the continent, I am sure everyone of us is interested in knowing the inventors and the origin.
There is the vibranium which is basically grounded on sound keeping, reducing and liberating later. It is said to safeguard people from dynamic destruction as well as playing as shock absorbers. It has advanced communication advancement whereby Kimoyo Beads are implemented from the vibranium (Droney, 2018). It is offered to a person during delivery providing a lifespan health information about the individual while also there are other beads that can seizure and project holograms, regulate appliances and act as communication gadgets.

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