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Playlist Peer Review on Music and Sexuality (Essay Sample)


The task was on reviewing a given document by answering the following questions in an essay format:
Did the author include information on the social context of each entry? Was this information clearly presented and relevant to the author's argument or topic? Please refer to the specific entries.
(60 words)
Did the author convincingly describe how each entry works within or reflects the described topic? Please refer to the specific entries.
(60 words)
Did the author discuss atleast three musical characteristics from each entry? Was the discussion convincing and did it make use of proper musical vocabulary? Please refer to each entry individually.
(60 words)
Did the author relate their musical discussion or description to the playlist topic? Please refer to each entry individually.
(60 words)
Please comment two things the author did particularly well
(60 words)
Please comment two things that you consider the author should work on
(60 words)


Playlist Peer Review on Music and Sexuality
The author thoroughly defines sexuality and how to demonstrate it is linked to music. Interestingly, the discussion is about how women use music to express themselves, not only for sensuality but also for female empowerment. However, the ideas can be improved by striking a balance in the discussion, which inclines more on women and less on men.
In the explanation, the author describes how music can be used as an instrument to achieve various impacts. To validate the claim, the writer adds that it can help end stigmatization and help embrace sensuality in women. While the author explains the effects of music on women, there is no explanation of how men can use music. Several questions still linger about other impacts of music on different groups of people.
The author utilized sufficient evidence to support the argument. Several songs with sensual connotations are analyzed in detail and linked to the topic of discussion. In particular, the music described was created by women.
Importantly, the author included information about social context. In the post, the writer argues that society usually discourages sensuality regarding womanhood. The social norms and values restrict women on what they can say, do, or portray concerning pleasure. Sexual fun, enjoyment, desire,

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