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School Designs Visual & Performing Arts Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Research about the following school:
1- International school of Choefat (loctaed in Umm AL Quwain, UAE)
2- SolBe (located in Boston, USA)
3-Maple Street school (located in Newyork, USA)
-For each of the schools you must talk write about the following topics:
1- Brief about the school (location, about the school, why the school is good, what they offer)
2- about the interior (Lighting, flooring, colors, materials, the way it is designing, and why)
3- discuss the floor plan (What functions and facilities do they have and circulation of the plan)


School Designs
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
School Designs
Art is a very critical aspect of education as it helps in improving creativity among children as well as expanding their thinking capacities (Lee, 2014). Therefore, many individuals have come up with schools that support both fine arts and performing arts. When children engage in these types of studies at an early age, they get to identify their strengths and talents at an earlier. Some of the most famous art schools in the world include; SoIBe School, International School of Choueifat, and Maple Street School.
SoIBe Learning Center
SoIBe Learning Center is located at Chestnut Hill Community in Boston, USA. This school was opened in 2019 by the Supernormal foundation, which is a multidisciplinary firm located in Somerville. It was designed to accommodate children between six months to five years of age. SoIBe School has an adequate space of 550 square meters that allows the children to have spaces for all the areas needed in their learning process (McKnight, 2019). The founders of the school opened it with the aim of providing adequate daycare and early childhood education services in a unique and conducive environment. SoIBe is the right learning center as its founders came up with unique structures that outdo the normal school environment through imagination. These unique imaginative structures improve innovation among the children by encouraging them to think outside the box and come up with more beautiful ideas.

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