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Bacteria, Viruses and Protist Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)




Comparison Between Bacteria, Viruses and Protist
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Comparison Between Bacteria, Viruses and Protist
A bacterium is a biological cell (plural, bacteria) consisting of large prokaryotic microorganisms’ domain with an ability to live, grow and thrive nearly in almost all environments. Bacteria are unicellular microorganisms with no chlorophyll neither an enclosed distinct membrane cell nucleus such as the one's plants and animals have ADDIN EN.CITE Sanchis201986(Sanchis et al., 2019)868617Sanchis, Adrian GarridoPashley, RichardNinham, BarryVirus and bacteria inactivation by CO 2 bubbles in solutionNPJ Clean WaterNPJ Clean Water1-92120192059-7037(Sanchis et al., 2019). Instead, they have a unique nuclear material with just a single strand of clumped and folded DNA contained in a particular area of cell known as nucleoid and are not enclosed. Bacteria having over 3.5 million in existence on Earth, is believed to be one of the oldest living organisms. Bacteria exist in various shapes and sizes, with their classification dependent entirely on this; spiral, rod, or sphere-shaped.
These classifications of bacteria, spiral, comma (vibrios) or corkscrew (spirochaetes), rod or sphere-shaped, have several types and examples. For instance, streptococcus, which is known to cause strep throat in human beings, is a spherical or round bacteria ADDIN EN.CITE Buchanan192887(Buchanan et al., 1928)878717Buchanan, REBreed, RSRettger, LFA DIAGRAMMATIC SUMMARY OF VARIOUS BACTERIAL CLASSIFICATIONSJournal of bacteriologyJournal of bacteriology3871661928(Buchanan et al., 1928). Tetanus and anthrax are caused by bacillus bacteria, an example of the bacterium family's Rod-shaped class, and elsewhere, there are other bacteria with long patterns and can twist themselves to different patterns known as spiral bacteria. Spiral bacteria include groups like Cholera, among others. Further, bacteria can be classified by using other factors like aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic bacteria are those that can only survive by having oxygen. Simultaneously, the anaerobic bacteria die o exposure to oxygen, and also, there is the last group that prefers but can still stay with or without oxygen ADDIN EN.CITE Helm199188(Helm et al., 1991)888817Helm, DLabischinski, HSchallehn, GiselaNaumann, DClassification and identification of bacteria by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopyMicrobiologyMicrobiology69-79137119911350-0872(Helm et al., 1991).
A virus is a tiny acellular microbiological organism parasite with its DNA or RNA as its genetic material. They are submicroscopic infectious organisms that replicate within a host and cannot survive independently. Viruses are believed to have evolved from DNA pieces that could move between different cells, known as plasmids and others originating from bacteria. Viruses are considered from their origin that they are used in gene transfer by increasing diversity in some manner analogous to sexual reproduction ADDIN EN.CITE Bawden195589(Bawden, 1955)898917Bawden, FCThe classification of virusesMicrobiologyMicrobiology362-36612219551350-0872(Bawden, 1955). Virus freely exists from a natural selection process to reproduce and carry genetic material and evolve. It is referred to by some scientists as a form of life. Viruses are classified based on their shapes into four groups: enveloped, filamentous, head and tail, and icosahedral or isometric. Other classifications of the viruses are based on the content they carry, outer envelope presence, capsid structure, and mRNA production by a process called Baltimore classification. Viruses contain a core of nucleic acid, capsid or protein coating on the outer side, and a protein and phospholipid envelope membrane, which they derive from the host's cells ADDIN EN.CITE Aiewsakun201890(Aiewsakun et al., 2018)909017Aiewsakun, PakornAdriaenssens, Evelien MLavigne, RobKropinski, Andrew MSimmonds, PeterEvaluation of the genomic diversity of viruses infecting bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes using a common bioinformatic platform: steps towards a unified taxonomyThe Journal of general virologyThe Journal of general virology13319992018(Aiewsakun et al., 2018). Capsomeres are small subunits that makeup capsid, and a virion can also have other proteins like enzymes.
Virus and bacteria inactivation by CO 2 b

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