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Comparison of Covid19 and Polio Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Compare Covid19 and Polio


Poliovirus Versus Coronavirus
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Poliovirus Versus Coronavirus
The poliovirus causes poliomyelitis (Polio). It initially affected the gut and extended to affect the central nervous system making it have muscle weakness, causing flaccid paralysis in people at a young age ADDIN EN.CITE Zaffran2018100(Zaffran et al., 2018)10010017Zaffran, MichelMcGovern, MichaelHossaini, RezaMartin, RebeccaWenger, JayThe polio endgame: securing a world free of all poliovirusesThe LancetThe Lancet11-133911011520180140-6736(Zaffran et al., 2018). Polio is a highly contagious infectious viral disease that majorly attacks children under the age of 5. Before the 20th century, Polio was declared a pandemic majorly affecting Europe. In 1900, localized paralytic polio epidemics started mushrooming in the United States of America ad Europe. Early before that year, in 1984 in Louisiana, a publication of first-ever polio mass infections was made, followed by Boston in the successive year and finally erupting in all US and Europe ADDIN EN.CITE Diop2015101(Diop et al., 2015)10110117Diop, Ousmane MBurns, Cara CSutter, Roland WWassilak, Steven GKew, Olen MUpdate on vaccine-derived polioviruses—worldwide, January 2014–March 2015MMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly reportMMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly report64064232015(Diop et al., 2015). New York City alone in 1907 recorded over 2,50 new polio cases making it be declared an international pandemic in Brooklyn, New York. In a single year, over 6,000 people had died from Polio from the 27,000 cases plus recorded in New York City alone. In 1955 polio was an official worldwide epidemic.

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