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Mental Health in the Workplace. Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


the task is on mental health and workplace for named organisations, mental health and workplace for our company
the sample addresses the components of a mental health and wellness program, eap programs and referrals, cultural and gender-specific components of the programs, effectiveness of the programs.


Mental Health in the Workplace
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Part 1: Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace for named organisations
The organisations that form part of this work are the University of Birmingham, the Victoria police force and the Link Health and Community.
Components of a mental health and wellness program
Mental health is a state of an individual’s body being fit so that the body can realise its potential, can cope up with life’s challenges, it can work productively thus deliver results, and the individual becomes of value to the community (Galderisi, Heinz, Kastrup, Beezhold & Sartorius, 2015).
Work can at times result in mental disorders among employees. This reduces the functionality of such employees. Thus the need to ensure that employees are healthy to maximise human capital. To be able to address the issues that affect an employee’s health, organisations should develop mental and wellness programs (Bauman, Merom, Bull, Buchner & Fiatarone, 2016). Such programs consist of the following components:-
Development of policies that are health-related- the programs needs to have very clear principles, the current status of the issues at hand should be known which forms a guide on the kind of policies to be established.

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