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Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification Biological Essay (Essay Sample)


The impact of molecular biology in evolutionary CLASSIFICATION


Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
Evolutionary Classification and Molecular Biology
Research in molecular biology focuses on cellular systems and the analysis of biomolecular activities. This includes DNA, RNA, and protein interaction, regulation, and biosynthesis. According to Shin, Lee, Kim, and Zhang (2016), the classification of organisms is more accurate due to technological advancements in molecular biology, such as DNA analysis and DNA sequencing. Evolutionary classification primarily categorizes species into various groups by considering their lines of evolutionary descent and their morphological similarities and differences. Categorizing and describing organisms was entirely based on physical characteristics and ecological roles before the discovery of DNA analysis and sequencing. Advancements in molecular biology techniques have made an accurate taxonomic classification of existing species possible and the discovery of new ones (Futuyma, 2016). A more precise scheme for classification has been established through the advancement of DNA technology, and the future of evolutionary taxonomy will be significantly impacted by molecular biology.

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