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Pollination and Its Importance to the Environment Biomedical Essay (Essay Sample)


Pollination and Its Importance to the Environment


Pollination and Its Significance to the Environment
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Pollination and Its Significance to the Environment
Although primarily an industrial and technological society, Gillis (n.d.) indicates that the United States depends on pollination for one-third of all agricultural output. Insects and animals are an integral part of natural and humanmade ecosystems throughout the world since they are responsible for facilitating this vital process. Defined as the transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil, pollination maintains biodiversity by contributing to plant genetic diversity and enhancing seed and fruit production.
The process mentioned above refers to male gametes’ movement from the anthers of a male flower to the stigma of a female counterpart of the same species. Consequently, pollination culminates in the fertilization of plant ovaries and the eventual production of seeds in flowering plants (Michigan State University, n.d.). Typical agents of this process include animals such as human beings, and insects, primarily honey bees (Michigan State University, n.d.). Without pollination, plant existence on the planet would be largely undermined.

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