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Understanding the Diseases Being Spread by Mosquitoes (Essay Sample)


Watch this episode of Ed Yong's;list=PLWYyvE5z4B2h4kONso2espwre2bvjviYD&index=3&t=35s I Contain Multitudes and discuss how the information presented ties into disease and epidemiology. Discuss the mode of transmission and which system(s) infected by the disease discussed. Also, given the prevalence of arthropod vectors, should we be concerned about future pandemics? See attached (brief) PowerPoint download may give you some food for thought.


I Contain Multitudes
The information presented ties into disease and epidemiology because the video presents a discussion of how mosquitoes contribute in the spread various viruses that cause diseases such as Zika, Dengue fever, and yellow fever. Dengue fever infects 400 million people every year worldwide. About 700 million suffer from mosquito-borne diseases every year. These diseases cause over 1 million deaths every year. Mosquitoes cause other diseases such as chikungunya fever, rift valley fever, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, west Nile fever and lymphatic filariasis.

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