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The Airline Industry in the US Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


discuss The Airline Industry in the US


The Airline Industry in the US
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The Airline Industry in the US
Many business models have undergone numerous changes in the U.S. aviation industry. In the US airline industry, the introduction of globalization led to an increase throughout uncertainty, and economic realities began to develop in a less regulated market. The sinusoidal complexity of the business cycles of the U.S. airline industry as a total net profit and its scale led to the stratification into three main models. These are ultra-low-cost, Value and network models. The ultra-low-cost and Value models are used by airlines that only charge customers for airline seats; any extra services are charged separately. They intend to price airline services based on what customers require.
On the other hand, the network business model is more luxurious and provides more premium services. They have the highest prices and target business class clients that have the power to pay more for their travel. In this paper, these three business models will be analyzed based on their square footage, costs and FAA regulations.

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