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Communication Change Challenge (Essay Sample)


Communication Change Challenge Assignment
Communication Change Challenge Assignment
Part one
I Can’t List
1 I can't get my point across to my team.
Description: I experience critical challenges when expressing my ideas to my team members. As the team captain, I feel obligated to steer my team during essential operations. Despite my authoritative position in the team, I find it very difficult to express self-conceived notions that could impact my team.
Example: During our last regional derby, I developed practical strategies for our game with the neighbouring team. My strategies were primarily derived from the recently developed tactics from our coach. Through the game, various challenges were experienced, increasing the necessity of my proposed strategy. My difficulties in self-expression made me stay with the developed strategies, and I ended up losing the game.
2 I can't find the right words to express my notions.
Description: There are numerous ideas that I develop intrinsically depending on the situation I am in. As a dedicated problem-solver, I find it easy to create new ideas which could be applied to a given situation. Communicating my conceived ideas is complicated despite the sense of guarantee developed by the credibility of the notions I develop.
Example: During interactive workshops I attend related to my profession, I experience numerous difficulties conveying censorious information to people around me.
3 I can't stop interrupting people when they're speaking.
Description: I have numerous applicable ideas to share with the people I interact with. However, some ideas flash quickly, causing me to interrupt people within my immediate surroundings when conveying their messages.
Example: I constantly interrupted every individual addressing the audience during my birthday party. Besides, the sense of entitlement I experienced facilitated my comfort within the event, making me speak amidst other people's speeches.
4 I can't understand why my partner is upset with me.
Description: I struggle 

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