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Restaurant Chefs' and Office Workers' Co-Cultures (Essay Sample)


Take the two co cultures (restaurant chefs and office workers) and explore their languages, symbols, values and norms. For chefs, use the history of the chefs hat and the michelin star for symbols. discuss the common phrases, jargons, etc used in the kitchen.
same with office workers - their symbols (physical and external) and their meaning


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Restaurant chefs and office worker has different co-culture since they operate from different workplaces and dynamism. This paper explores restaurant chefs' and office workers' co-cultures by analyzing their languages, symbols, values, and norms. It will establish and develop in-depth relationships between restaurant chefs and office workers.
The chief's hat is a famous symbol for the chef restaurant worldwide. Suppose you see a person with a white hat on their head; that translates immediately to your head as a restaurant chef. According to Larson, 2020, please elaborate on the originality of the chef's hat where King Henry VIII beheaded the chef after finding hair in his meal. After this momentum and horrific situation, the following chefs began to wear white hats to keep and maintain hygiene. However, different stories exist that narrate why the restaurant chefs have white hats; for example, "hats were worn by chefs to signify status." Therefore, the restaurant chefs have only one image that symbolizes them: the white hats.
Arguably, professional kitchens have their sub-cultures and languages. The kitchen language is unique and dynamic as its verbal communication expressions are short, have a sense of agency, and have short phrases. Sometimes, the

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