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This was an argumentative essay on the topic of whether students and campus staff should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on the campus premises.


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Entering an occupation for teenagers while they are students is a controversial topic in modern society. Usually, vocation is the most vital part of someone’s life, either in school days of after that. Some people believe that working may have negative impacts while attending school or college; others stand on the other side of the continuum, holding the view that working provides lots of advantages while working. I agree with the latter opinion, and to substantiate my view is explained upon hereunder.
The first point is that earning money is a clear benefit of working, which is more than likely why students consider having a job in the first place. This is because the money that they make from the job could aid them in paying tuition fees, clothes shopping, accommodation, food, and other expenditures. Even if they are being educated with the full scholarship, it will not hurt to earn extra bucks. A personal experience of mine is a compelling example of this. I studied at Nairobi University for almost about six years ago. In those days, I had the desire to get a part-time job; therefore, after a while, I decided to be employed in a small corporation related to my field. Having occupied in a company and earning money, I bought a laptop, which it was so useful for because it led me to success by providing a condition that I was able to search and read helpful these on the internet to write a comp

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