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Digging Deep to the History of the Ghost, Gini (Essay Sample)


the task was to get in the mind of an ancestor and write about an era, a ghost, or a personality


Student’s Name
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Gini Ghost
At the turn of the 17th century, our village was tormented by one of the most dangerous ghosts in history, Gini. Gini was a young lady from the Bugema Kingdom who committed suicide after being gang-raped by a group of young men from our kingdom, Buganda, while on her way home. During her burial, the Bugema medicine men performed a ritual and declared that her spirit would not rest until she gets justice because no one knew who raped her. The medicine men from our community appealed that anyone with information regarding the incident should come forward because the performed ritual would affect everyone in the Buganda Kingdom, but no one believed them.
Several months after Gini's burial, life was normal in the village, and some individuals started claiming that the performed ritual did not work or the lady was not raped. However, two years later, young men began disappearing without a trace while on a drinking spree. Some villagers claimed that the men might have been attacked and killed by wild animals, but there was no evidence pointing at an animal attack since there was no bloodstain or mutilated bodies in the nearby forests. Consequently, the palace guards were ordered to heighten security at night because most of the disappearances occurred at night.

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