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Effects and causes of drug addiction (Essay Sample)


explain the effects and causes of drug addiction


Causes and effects of drug addiction
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Effects and causes of drug addiction
Drug addiction is one of the most upsetting psychological disorders which affect the family and the individual. Drug addiction can be defined as the chronic relapsing brain disease which is characterized by habitual drug seeking and use despite the harmful consequences that result from the use. Drug addiction creates a ferocious cycle which incontestably precipitates anomaly in the brain which intern result to potent craving to use more of the drug. This paper covers the causes and the effects of drug addiction which includes both reasons for a person to start using the drugs and the aftermath which result from the drug addiction (Loose, 2002). There are different causes and effects of drug addiction and they do vary from one addict to another. It is not very easy to understand what prompts an individual to come to the point of abusing drugs which leads to different effects to that person.
Drug addiction has many important aspects under it. The most detrimental cause of drug addiction is the individual’s needy of self control. Many of the real drug addicts use the drugs as an outlet of dealing with their physical and emotional problems which may result from work or from home (Loose, 2002). Other factors that cause drug addiction include genetic factor, social pressure, easy access of the drug and depression. Genetic factor will occur just like the inborn diseases that are inherited from the parents to the child but in this situation, drug addiction will be inherited from the parents. The wide spreading social pressure mostly among the teenagers sets drug addiction in motion. Social relevance that does exist between the adults causes drug addiction as they try to be part of the crowd so as to be accepted (Loose, 2002). Another factor that causes drug addiction is the easy access of the drugs. In this fast growing generation, there is easy accessibility of drugs. These drugs range from the legal drugs to the illegal drugs. Most of the illegal drugs dealers target the young individuals and end up creating an army of drug addicts during their early ages. Depression is one of the vast spreading emotional diseases and one other crucial cause of drug addiction. Depression for many of the people comes from life tries, individual insecurities or personal problems (Loose, 2002). Due to depression, many of the people opt to use drugs to overcome their depression and hence leading to addiction.
Drug addiction does have vital effects. First it does affect the health of the individual. Drug addictions can pretense serious health problems and in some cases it does lead to death of the individuals. T is vital to understand that drug abuse is a disease that affects the brain which intern leads to the change of the chemistry of the brain hence influencing the person’s behavior. Drug addiction affects the family and relationships (Loose, 2002). This can be viewed in the perspective of that a family does require both emotional and financial support in order to grow. If the family members are involved in drug problems, the well being of the family will rapidly worsen. Drug addiction places damaging implications to the society of today. The implications are fel...
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