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Ethanol Fuel Project Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Choosing any topic on ethanol fuel project and discuss about it.


Ethanol Fuel Project
The idea sounds like an excellent opportunity to consider given that she is tired of living as a banker in the New York and Hong King environment and wish to switch from the populated cities to a peaceful environment. Her colleagues are giving supporting advice from the information that the federal government has a plan to increase ethanol from corn as a substitute for gasoline, and this will result in the construction of ethanol factories, and corn's demand is expected to rise. This will lead to increased construction for new ethanol plants and sounds like it could be an excellent job opportunity from the new demand for ethanol.
I do not think my colleagues have enough information for it to be considered "good advice." Absolute consultation has to be taken when making a major decision, and anyone will need to take many factors into consideration for the perfect rewards to be realized. First of all, quitting her job as an investment banker that he has had an experience of five years. The startup cost of relocation and operating the farm could be considerable and may cost more than is readily available. In the case, many co-coworkers are encouraging and cheering her on. Unfortunately, most of her the co-workers lack the relevant experience to give viable business advice especially in a new venture that hasn't been there before and the government is initiating it for the first time (Pimentel, 2003).
The concept of value creation will also pose a challenge since this is a new field that the government wants to initiate and there are few references and experiences of the process. Value creation determines how your business will operate to make profits. By learning the business beforehand, you can determine how you will create and capture possible value, and this might be a problem since it is a new idea wanted to be initiated by the government. Hence, she needs to be innovative and find ways to create ideas that are not easily identifiable by her competitors so they are less likely to copy her ideas which in turn can eliminate her profits. Reasonable means have to be identified ways to make your farm run more efficiently and cost effectively.
Project initiation that is intended to cover the whole country is not an easy task. And since the government has presented the idea, extensive research will be funded so that the government can find facts about the project. The government will have to find the necessary capital to build these ethanol factories and then take the time to convince its population to changes from using gas to ethanol. Even...
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