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Professional Goal (Essay Sample)

This is a personal professional for someone who works in a financial institution source..
Professional Goal Student’s Name Institution Professional Goal Currently working as a credit risk manager at Merrill Lynch Bank, now intends to earn a MBA in business administration. This will add value to the current academic credentials and get hold of a higher position in not only Merrill Lynch Bank, but also to other financial institutions in America. The MBA will leverage personal financial planning and optimize utilization of the current achievements, skills, and leadership competencies. In addition, to earn the MBA in Business Administration will facilitate improvement on organization skills and educational background as economics and finance are personal fields of expertise. The current education achievement, which is, a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance has made it possible to secure a position at Merrill Lynch Bank. Therefore, to earn MBA in business administration will boost professional value, open doors for more career options, and make me the most sought after financial consultant in the market place. MBA in Business Administration is fit for this personal advancement given that I possess excellent financial skills and competence in the use of advanced computer applications for financial and accounting analysis, as modern business enterprises and companies are using accounting and financial applications to update data. The principle applied to earn the MBA in Business Administration will be consistent with the characteristics of effective goals. The five characteristics of effective goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and Time Bound (Day & Tosey, 2011, p. 517). The professional goal to earn MBA anticipates increasing the salary for a credit risk manager to another level. Currently the credit risk manager basic salary per month is $ 3,500. However, the goal to pursue MBA boosts the current position to a bank’s branch manager as the Bank’s supervisor had promised an inside promotion to someone intending to upgrade academic qualifications. The current salary for a bank’s branch manager per month is $7,500. This professional goal is consistent with ‘specific’, which is one of the characteristics of effective goals, as it will boost the salary from $3,500 to $7,500. Professional goals must be measured to be able to manage what is been done and give surety to success (MacLeod, 2012, p. 70). To earn MBA is measurable, as the weekly management of evening classes will assure the success of this professional goal. This profession goal is also achievable as the current personal accomplishment as a credit risk manager has been due to investment in economics and finance. There are numerous universities in the US to study MBA, and this makes it easier to achieve this professional goal. In addition, professional goals must be realistic as realism avoids time wasted in doing the wrong thing (MacLeod, 2012, p. 70). To earn MBA is realistic, as this will make it possible ...
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