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Terry Fox: A Wonderful Athlete and Great Role Model (Essay Sample)


Write an essay about a famous historical figure who inspires you. Explain why.
What is the importance of coral reefs?


Terry Fox
Institutional Affiliation
Terry Fox
In the history of Canada, there are many famous historical figures. In my mind, one really stands out among the rest: Terry Fox. He is among the greatest athlete to run on Canadian soil. When Terry was diagnosed with cancer, he embarked on a mission to run across Canada. He proved to be a courageous person who would take what the universe threw at him. Running across Canada for charity was Terry’s way of showing the world he was not succumbing to cancer without a fight! The memory of Terry lives through the Marathon of Hope, a cross-country run conducted every year to raise money for cancer research (The Terry Fox Foundation, 2021). Terry is my hero, and he inspires me because of his courage, selflessness and positivity, and embodying Canadian spirit.
To begin with, Terry Fox was a brave and courageous individual. Terry was 19 years old when he discovered he had an uncommon type of bone cancer in his right leg (The Terry Fox Foundation, 2021). Terry received medication to prevent the disease from progressing and lost much of his hair. He has had to contend with the effects of cancer with the amputation of his right leg (Ellison, 2015). Losing his leg was difficult for Terry to cope with, mainly because he was so active, and his current disabilities were tough for him. Terry completed a marathon every day for 143 days, some in freezing temperatures and others in agony (Ellison, 2015). Terry never gave up

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