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"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


write about THE ROAD


"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy
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"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy
"The road" focuses on an apocalyptic event that involves nuclear war. There is a high prevalence of evil, and it seems the man has lost a sense of morality since cannibalism, theft, murder, and several forms of brutalities is a daily routine. Imagine being in a world that the ground is torn into pieces, and the sky is grey, there is no sense of civilization and where hunger makes one to kills others. Amidst all these evil deeds, it indicates faith is gone. Murder is the mode of survival. However, the aptness to glimpse light when engulfed with darkness shows that humanity is not entirely lost. Man continue living for the sake of a boy who is believed to be carrying the final hope of humankind despite them him knowing that death is not evitable, and it is close. Cormac McCarthy brings the message that even though there are bloodshed and despair in the world, the only thing that can overcome it is love whilst having a little faith.
Antagonism is depicted in the novel through violence since people are drowned into murder, thievery, and cannibalism due to the aspect of post-apocalypse. People are starving, and food is rare, and as a result, people become thieves to fend for themselves. The in no rules and regulations, no government, and therefore, it is a fair game.

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