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Building a Classroom for English Language Learners (Essay Sample)


-I have attached all the sources you can use in this essay. Please do not use any others, only use the ones I provided.
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Building a Classroom for English Language Learners
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As an instructor, I interact with learners from diverse cultures including learners speaking different languages, with contrasting levels of understanding and backgrounds of knowledge. My grade 4 learners’ class consists of learners speaking English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. Accepting this cultural relativism amongst my learners makes them feel welcomed. Before stepping into class, learning and mastering learners’ names is important, it helps in creating and sustaining cultural practices (Nash et al, 2018). Mrs. Dacosta believes learning student’s names, culture and language is effective in sustaining language literacy teaching. I would do this by asking students to introduce themselves before we begin our class, write their full names on their books and by checking their names from the class list.
My classroom organization will take cognizance of students’ diverse culture and learners’ different levels of English capabilities. Matching my language abilities with those of my students will be relevant as my class comprises of learners from different levels. Ms. Mullet addresses her kindergarten students differently from the way Mr. Willoughby addresses his sixth grade students (Bender, 1989). To effect this, simple vocabulary will be used for entry level students. I will use the following English New Learners strategies; Involving parents in their children studies and activating learners’ previous knowledge by asking them questions about our previous lesson to test their understanding. In the case of Wind – Wolf (Lake, 2010), from An Indian Father’s Plea, parents are instrumental in helping teachers understand their learners significantly. Additionally, I would.
Offering one-on-one coaching to learners is also effective. I will implement face to face assistance to students by moving to their desks and offer them friendly coaching to help in solving student challenges. Mrs. Dacosta does this by talking to learners throughout the read-aloud sessions. She asks them whether someone has ever pronounced their names in a wrong way (Nash et al, 2017). She asks them individual questions, such as “Do you often write your two names?” Additionally, organizing students into smaller groups allows them to learn from peers. This approach can be helpful to students like Wind-Wolf (Lake, 2010). Using different languages, such as Spanish, English and Haitian Creole to label different objects in the classroom by drawing them on charts, photographs and videos, is another strategy. Ms. Kitima uses videos and photographs to teach, then allows students to take experiments. Mr. Gandarana, a social studies teacher, has bookmarked websites with content on geography; these contents are in Spanish, French and English. In class, I will draw objects and name them in the three languages, this will assist students learn faster as they easily relate objects labeled in their language to the new language they are learning. Lastly, for effective teaching I will I implement th

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