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Importance of Mono-tasking over Multi-tasking (Essay Sample)


the paper focus on benefits that the organization is likely to obtain through mono-tasking rather than doing multiple task at the same time.


Importance of Mono-tasking over Multi-tasking
Importance of Mono-tasking over Multi-tasking
Mono-tasking is the ability of doing one job at a time and only shift to another one when it’s done while multi-tasking is doing more than one job at once. There are many advantages that occurs when you mono-task rather than multi-tasking.
First, workers usually record poor productivity output when they multi-task. When the workers do single job at a time, they focus all their attention and their energy in it. This results to a great improvement in productivity output hence yielding great profits. As a result, mono-tasking should be embraced. Furthermore, many workers normally have a problem remembering things they did in the past when they do several tasks at once. Workers find it hard remembering information as their brain is usually strained. This case doesn’t happen to the people who do single work at a time (Szumowska et al., 2018). Single tasked people usually have specific job knowledge to carry hence their memory is sharp always.
In addition, worker who are mono-tasked normally have good health as their work is not stressing and they get enough time to rest. This is different for workers who are always multi-task as they do a lot of work and they barely get time to rest. Human body is designed to do a certain amount of work and when that level is crossed, the body gets stressed which leads development of diseases. There have been many cases of people falling and some even die while they are at their work stations. This is because the body is given more work more than what it can hold hence developing diseases such as heart failure and many more.
Lastly, mono-tasking works always do their work accurately, it’s delivered on time and rarely have errors. The result is always accurate since the work is done careful and with high concentration. The work that is multi-tasked always have many errors and its likely to be inaccurate (Bachmann et al., 2019). This come as a result of a worker having to do more

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