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Importance of Tutors Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Write one the importance of tutors in education. the sample is about importance of tutors


Importance of Tutors
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Importance of Tutors
Tutors are a vital element to the success of learners. According to the Oxford Learning (2020), tutors coach students by providing them with skills, academic assistance, mentorship, and personality character development; all which are personalized to the individual student’s needs. The role of tutors exists in the domains of subject comprehension, character development, and soft skills.
Subject comprehension is a fundamental objective for tutoring. Tutors seek to improve on the students’ weak academic areas, enhancing their apprehension of the subject (Ghenghesh, 2018). Such an intervention translates into excellent grades in school. Importantly, the interest of the learners toward a topic is revived, and their passion for curricular activities awakened. That way, students develop a positivist attitude to academic life, which is vital for their academic progression.

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