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Leadership Strengths Essay. Education Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Leadership Strengths
When we focus on the strengths in others as opposed to their weaknesses, we learn to appreciate how they can use their talents to make significant contributions.
Part 1: Strength of Character
For this assignment, select and view a film in which an unlikely character emerges as a leader.
In a film review, focus on the leadership growth and development of the character.
What strengths does the character demonstrate indicative of leadership potential?
What situations and events enable the character to develop those strengths?
In what ways does the character reflect on his or her development?
As a result, how does the character make a difference in his or her own life and the lives of others?
Part 2: Strength of Self
Reflect on your own strengths and your development as a reflective practitioner.
How will your leadership change?
How will each of your strengths contribute to this transformation?
What will you do with your new knowledge?
Combine Parts 1 and 2 and develop a 3 page paper (not including the title and references pages).


Leadership Strengths
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Leadership Strengths
The film Florence Nightingale is produced in 2008 of a pioneering nurse who arises as a leader from combat. Behaviours and attributes of Florence Nightingale that drove her to be a popular leader are the courage principles. Florence was courageous, as nobody could prevent her whenever she intended to perform her expertise in the profession( Rose, Tod & McCabe, 2016). For instance, at the period of the British combat extermination whereby countless soldiers got injured, she never accepted any hostility by the British aristocracy from preventing her in doing her work. Portraying herself as a leader and great manager, Florence was disciplined and pioneered training based on evidence-based. She had discipline at her contribution to developing other hospitals. Besides, she pioneered the medical statistics nursing practice.
evelopment of an organizati

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