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Mars or the Moon: what to colonize first (Essay Sample)


An argumentative essay on what to colonize first between Mars and the Moon


Mars or the Moon: what to colonize first
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The debate on the suitability of Mars or the Moon as the ideal substitute of the Earth provides interesting perspectives. Proponents of each side give strong arguments to justify their positions, while at the same time, question opposing views. The increasing enthusiasm with explorations to Mars suggests the growing popularity of the planet compared to the Moon but the impact of the investments on the latter outweigh those in the former (Lйveillй, 2010). An objective examination of the economic and social merits and the demerits of both Mars and the Moon can help to solve the dilemma on which one to colonize first.
The close proximity of the Moon to the Earth makes it a perfect choice to colonize but the poor gravity shadows this merit. Explorations to the moon require less fuel as rockets carry supplies to sustain astronauts for months. Communication and travel from the Earth to the Moon make economic sense because of the affordable amount of money and less time spent to connect the two (Lйveillй, 2010). The existence of a global satellite station and many communication satellites run by different governments highlight the economic benefit of the Moon. The poor gravity in the moon suggests the lack of an atmosphere and probably the reason for the harsh weather condition such as extremely high and low temperatures in the Moon.
Mars not only provides scientific value but also possesses the capacity to promote human existence due to the presence of an atmosphere, gravity, and water. Unlike the moon that studies show split from the Earth to form a large chunk of its parent, Mars evolved alone and contains huge inactive volcanoes and other geologically and biologically relevant features that support the theory that life exists in the planet (Genta, 2017). The atmosphere in Mars mainly consists of carbon dioxide that allows plants to do well and balances the temperatures of the day to those of the night by allowing the wind to blow freely albeit carrying so much dust. The gravity and water in Mars also make it an ideal choice for human habitation.
People should colonize Mars before the Moon because of its economic and social merits that far outweigh those of the latter. The short distance between the Earth and the Moon may explain the large telecommunication investments by governments on this star but fails to provide a valid reason for colonizing it before Mars. Evidence suggests that Mars can support human existence due to the presence of water and an atmosphere almost similar to that of Earth (Genta, 2017). The subsurface water in Mars would keep people and animals hydrated and support agriculture. The gravity in Mars will keep people and their property on the ground unlike that of the moon that may trigger body deformities by interfering

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