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Positive spin on mistakes essay. Education Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Positive spin on mistakes
In a 3 -page paper (not including the title and references pages), write a personal narrative reflecting on a time you experienced growth as a leader as a result of a mistake. You can use an example of an educational leader.
In what context and situation did the mistake occur?
What happened as a result of the mistake?
What role did reflection take in assessing the mistake and its impact?
What were the final outcomes?
Who or what helped you recover?
What were the lessons learned?


Positive Spin on Mistakes
Students Name
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Positive Spin on Mistakes
As the principal of Marko Secondary School, I made a huge mistake that had adverse effects on the school’s teachers and consequently, on the students’ performance. My fault was the incapability to motivate the teachers. I always assumed that the best way to get the best from them was through coercion, reward, and position. Lind, (2017) states that the employment of such strategies for motivation was because I was task-oriented. I focused on getting the duty under control to attain an objective (Beasley, 2016). I was only concerned with discovering the bit-by-bit answer necessary to realize particular goals. I could always actively outline the essential roles, put structures ready, and monitor, organize, and plan development within the crew without considering their well-being (Fourie, 2018).

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