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Advantages and Disadvantages of using Computers. (Essay Sample)


in two pages discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using computers.
use double spacing.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers
The use of computers in the current world has become adverse. Its use is associated with various advantages such as speed, accuracy, large storage capacities, advantages of automated programs, and provides a platform for online businesses at low cost. However, computers can be disadvantageous as it leads to unemployment, cybercrime, heavy reliance on data and faces dangers of being hacked. This text elaborates on these various merits and demerits of computers.
The first advantage of computers is their speed of performing tasks. One can command computers to perform several tasks, and all run simultaneously, giving required outputs (Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers, n.d). Thus, computers maximize the performance of tasks by a human, saving a lot of valuable time and increasing the workforce's available output. Furthermore, computers allow for multitasking. One can play music while checking emails, files in the storage, performing some calculations, and many other tasks on a computer (Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers, n.d). Moreover, computers work with utmost accuracy; their output is always correct. The so-called 'computer errors' usually are out of human error in entering data and commands. Otherwise, when data and commands are entered correctly, computers give an accurate output.
Secondly, computers can store large amounts of data. Moreover, data can be organized in diverse orders in the computer according to their nature and even the user's requirements such that they are easy to locate. Storage capacities of a computer have kept increasing over the years and can accommodate several books, films, movies, documents, and other data (Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers, n.d). The data can be stored for an extended period without alteration by utilizing security measures available for computers. Thus can remain protected from alteration or access by unauthorized users.
Thirdly, is that computers have reduced cost and automation programs. Whereby one can conduct business online through the internet and earn a lot of money. It costs less to start a business online than starting it physically (Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers, n.d). Starting a business online has a higher chance of success, even with low investments. Likewise, computers have automated programs like sending multiple emails, launching applications, and other tasks like automated camera installations. Physical businesses and other premises use such automated camera installations in security installations. Likewise, computers have automated reminders such as alarms and notifications to inform users when required to conduct specific tasks.
On the other hand, computers have disadvantages associated with their use. For instance, it leads to unemployment, cybercrimes, heavy reliance on data, and hacking dangers. With the power of automation and high speed, computers redu

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